I cannot say enough about our positive experience with Suzy Brown and Wellness to Live By.   My teenage daughter and I consulted Suzy after all traditional medical options failed.  My daughter had on and off flu-like symptoms, along with severe congestion and a sore throat for over a year.  Her energy was extremely low, and she also suffered from joint pain and inflammation.  We pursued just about everything  medically imaginable to try to get to the bottom of  it including all sorts of tests,  extensive blood work, CAT scans, etc. to no avail.  When we met with Suzy she suggested that a radical change in diet could ameliorate the problems.  Under the circumstances, we were extremely motivated to follow Suzy’s food plan.  We took all of her suggestions and saw changes within just a few weeks.  By the 6 week mark, my daughter was much improved, and within three months, she was 100%.  That was over a year ago, and I am thrilled to say that my daughter feels and looks wonderful.  She has not even had as much as a sniffle since she incorporated Suzy’s suggestions.  We feel indebted to Suzy for making such a positive impact on my daughter’s life.  The rest of the family has benefitted as well.  Many thanks to Suzy and Wellness to Live By!

Mary Wright
Wyckoff, NJ

During my my sessions at Wellness To Live By, I was taught that eating foods should be whole and healthy. Historically, I had been an emotonal eater, letting the days events or non-events dictate what I would put in my mouth. Everyday, my morning routine would consist of a Chocolate chip muffin and a diet coke from a local food chain. As per Suzy's instructions she said for homework to check out the food chains website and see what was in the chocolate chip muffins. It shocked me to learn what I was putting in my body. I needed to make some drastic choices in my life and I chose to live. Since June, I have lost 23 lbs and have kept it off. I am vibrant, have more energy than ever before, no longer feel lethargic and my thoughts aren't clogged by the silent killer: SUGAR. I now prepare my meals days in advance and look forward to eating new and exciting foods. I was the worst eater imaginable. I have since incorporated leafy greens, natural grains and fruits and have abstained from the poisonous foods I once ate. The only trouble I have on a daily basis is actually finding clothes that fit, since I've lost the weight. Kudos to Suzy.

Scott F
Ramsey, NJ

Thanks for your help in balancing my life out. When I first started with Suzy I was on perscription medication, having anxiety attacks and having a lot of trouble falling asleep. It was hard for me to figure out how much to eat, what to eat and just how much to exercise. The exercise and eating had become more of an obsession then a way of life.

I now feel a sense of peace in most areas in my life. I'm off perscription medication, able to fall asleep and have a sense of calm I didn't have before I began my program, Suzy at Wellness To Live By has taught me just that. I learned to make better food choices that actually filled me up and gave me sustained energy throughout the day. My mind is clearer and I feel a sense of peace I haven't felt in a long time. I'm now able to think about my future and set new goals for myself. My obsession with eating and exercise is now in balance. I know what to eat and how much exercise I need. Also, I exercise for fun!

I still feel I have work to do but have made major strides in a short period of time. The biggest change is my confidence as a peson, wife and mother. Thank you Suzy for your insight you are an inspiration to me and have become a good friend. Thanks for sharing your knowledge not only with nutritional support but in tying many pieces of life together for me. Thanks for being available whenever needed and for all the great recipes. You definitely taught me "Wellness To Live By".

Kathy S
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Thank you for all your guidance and support over the last few months. I have experienced amazing transformations with your help.

Many Thanks,
Felicia M


Thank you Suzy for helping me fall in love with myself again!

Ridgewood, NJ


Thanks for helping me recognize all the ways that I can support my recovery from compulsive eating and at the same time let go of the ways that kept me in my disease. I look forward to continued growth.

With much appreciation,
Brooklyn, NY


I just wanted to say how happy I am that I have been doing your wellness program. First of all, I am the most amazed person that once i had started on it, I really did not look back. This is not like me. I couldn't stay on a food program for a day. And this has been since mid -August. My food cravings have disappeared. I know I am eating lots of fresh whole foods, whole grains with no processed foods. I happened to have a cholesterol and triglyceride test about 2 months into the program plan, the doctor was amazed at the numbers and cut my cholesterol medication in half. I know I am doing something positve for my health. I have lost some pounds as well.

Another thing that has been really important to me, was that I hve been more focused, and consequently have been able to get more done. I am no longer worrying about how to help myself, what food plan to do. That energy is being channeled into other things. I truly feel it is a miracle.

Thank you agian for everything Suzy.
Donna R
Hohokus, NJ


Thank you for being our "Wellness Day" instructor this year. Each time you gave your presentation on nutrition and healthy foods- the children came back to class very enthused and excited. Hopefully they will remember your words as they grow.

Connie McCue
Principal, St Elizabeth School